The X-Files

Man am I lucky or what? I was watching the premier of this one too! I wasn't overly impressed with the premier, but thought with such a cool premise and such a gorgeous man like DD, how can they be completely off? The second ep, Ice, I liked bunches and Tooms and Jersey Devil convinced me that the show was my kinda show. We were all scared at the end of the first season that they'd kill it, but IT LIVES!!! :-) Add to that the fact that Amy and I were two of the hapless fools who went out of town on the weekend of the Speedo Scene when the country flooded and we've got lots of fun! Amy was harder to convince that the X-files was cool, but she got the idea eventually!

So, season eight is ready to begin and we have a new agent and a missing Agent Mulder... we'll have to see!

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