Tru Calling

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We've seen it before: someone is given the chance to change history or possible history. In this case it's because Tru hears dead people. Her mom was murdered right in front of her when she was a little girl and she wished that she could go back to that day and change it. Being able to prevent things that you wish hadn't happened it everybody's dream, but it's nearly a nightmare when Tru starts working in a Morgue as her pre-med internship and a dead girl demands that she help. It was Callisto, from Xena!

Tru Calling

Starring: Eliza Dushku, Jessica Collins, Shawn Reaves
She hears dead people
The Setup: It must have been fate when Tru Davies (Dushky) reluctantly took a job on the graveyard shift at the city morgue. Turs out she has the gift--or perhaps the curse--of hearing dead folks speak.
The Twist: Each time this happens, she wakes up to relive the previous day, racing the clock to avert the cause of the day's fatality, while also lending a hand to her screwed-up brother (Reaves) and siter (Collins).
We Say: Dushku has lost none of the gutsy attitude she displayed as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this convoluted thriller has at least one too many concepts, stretching logic and our patience.
The Outlook: Even by cult standards, Tru might be DOA.

Mini Ep-Guide
  1. Pilot guest starting Hudson Leick
  2. Putting Out Fires
  3. Brother's Keeper
  4. Past Tense
  5. Haunted (Think Flatliners...)
  6. Star Crossed
  7. Closure
  8. Murder in the Morgue
  9. Back to School

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