They did it again! Fox screwed up by killing Arturo. Then they added the porn-b***h. Then they got rid of Wade and actually did something OK... they cancelled the show. With two of the main four characters out of commission, that was a good idea. Then SciFui Channel added the idiot (quinn's bro) then I don't even know how they justified getting rid of him. Next thing we know they've scrapped Quinn and added that no-acting guy and another 'babe' to justify the show to guys.

None I know were buying, but Season 1 and half of Season 2 was cool.

Here's another show I was watching the premier for! My friend Amy liked Pretender, but not Sliders. I, on the other hand, like Sliders. A lot. I've been a fan of Jerry O'Connel since I saw some promise in him in Stand By Me... Also, I like John Rhys-Davies (I could listen to that man read the PHONE BOOK!). I'm in the group of Maggie-haters; it isn't that I don't like the character -- she has some promise if they'd just stop having her be so bitchy! -- I don't like Kari Wuhrer. I don't like that they 'lost' one of my fav-four and replaced him with HER.

I'm Colin. Which Slider are you?

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