Quantum Leap

OK, I admit... this one nearly slipped past me. It was in its 4th season before I got to watch so much as an ep. To give myself credit, it was hard to watch an NBC program when all we got was what my foster mom calls "Commie TV" (the local ABC affiliate) for the first few years of a show. I missed Alien Nation, too.

For many shows and things of the nature, I take full blame for recruiting my Best Friend, Amy, but she is responsible for me catching this one. I'd never even heard of it till she roped me into watching it! While I drool over Sam, Al's my fav because he's so cool!

While I think Scott Bakula is absolutely to die for, I've always liked Al more. He phrases things so perfectly Al. Whoever came up with his character is an absolute genius! I have seen almost all the eps and have my favorite ones on tape (in the US, of course), but would really like a copy of "Private Dancer."

If you have any questions or comments you think I could help with!

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