The Phoenix

US TV Series 1981-1982 ABC

Starring Sheila Frazier (Mira), Richard Lynch (Justin Preminger), E.G. Marshall (Dr. Ward Frazier), Judson Scott (Bennu of the Golden Light).

2 hour pilot and 4 1-hour episodes:

2)In Search of Mira
3)One of Them
4)A Presence of Evil
5)The Fire Within

An archaeological expedition in Peru finds a golden sarcophagus bearing the symbol of the Phoenix; inside is Bennu, a traveller from the planet El DeBrande. He possesses strange powers derived from the Sun. He is not sure why he is on Earth, but discovers that another traveller, Mira, from his planet is here as well. Faintly remembering that he has been sent to change Earth's future, he sets off to find Mira. Each epidode finds him involved with the lives of those he meets on his quest, and sees frequent use of his talents to aid them.
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