The original fix-it-man, MacGyver was luckily aired on the only channel we got in East Texas. Richard Dean Anderson starred in this wonderful series about a gun-shy super-agent. Need a spy to sneak into a consulat and steal back top-secret weapons-plans? Call MacGyver. Need someone to sneak someone out of West Germany (really dating the show)? Call MacGyver.

This series ran for 8 seasons and had guest spots from such notables as John Rhys Davies (who went on to star in the blockbuster Lord of the Rings series), Teri Hatcher (who became the Ultra-Hot, according to my brothrs, Teri Hatcher and star of ABC successes Lois & Clark and Desperate Housewives as well as co-spokesperson for Radio Shack), Bruce McGill (who's starred in everything from CBSs Wolf Lake to Joe Pesci's My Cousin Vinny), Peter Jurasik of Babylon 5 fame, Nana Visitor of Star Trek DS9, Robert "Freddy Kreuger" Englund, Michael Cavanaugh of Starman, John "Q" deLancie (who RDA went on to star in Legend with and who has appeared on StarGate SG1), Tia Carrerre, George Takei, Richard Hatch, Jeff Kober!, James Hong, Hell--Hank Aaron, Don S. David (who went with RDA to SG1), Bruce Harwood of the X-Files and The Lone Gunmen, Soon-Tek Oh (you got James Hong, you need Soon-Tek Oh!), Dirk Blocker (son of Dan Blocker, who played Hoss on Bonanza), Jason Priestly, Cuba Gooding Jr., Adam Arkin, Stephn Furst (also on Bablyon 5), Mayim Bialik, Alan Scarfe of 7Days, James "Scotty" Doohan, Abe "Fish" Vigoda, Henry "The Fonz" Winkler, Traci Lords, Reggie Jackson, Della Reese, Mitzi Kapture, William B. Davis also of the X-Files, Wendie Malick, Eric Close, Colm Meaney another Star Trek alum. WOW!

Being released on DVD season-by-season, soon we'll have all 8 seasons available and can watch them all over again without having to resort to the reruns shown on Spike and TVLand.

In 2003 the WB *was* going to air a new series starring Jared Padalecki of the new series Supernatural, calling this new sereies Young MacGyver, but the show was shelved before airing. MAN! What I wouldn't give to get a copy of the un-aired Pilot! Hmm, idea for one of the DVD extras! Here's the TVguide snippet announding the impending production of the doomed pilot:

TVGuide May 10, 2003: TVNews
Buzz from the World of TeleVision

Big Mac: Jared Padalecki (Gilmore Girls) had landed the lead on WB's MacGyver, as the action hero's nephew. But that doesn't mean the original, Richard Dean Anderson, has been retired. Supervising producer Sam Baum teases that "his presence will definitely be felt in the pilot." And if the spin-off gets picked up, sources confirm the paper-clip-wielding agent could appear in the flesh as early as November sweeps.

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