Jake 2.0

UPN Wednesdays starting 2003 Fall season

I like this show; it's funny. Jake is the ultimate geek and that's the show's gag. His hair annoys me, but I don't think he minds :-). I didn't get to watch the first couple weeks because our local UPN affiliate likes to pre-empt at will and skip weeks of service. Please let it last at least through reruns!

So far my favorite ep I've gotten to see was "The Good, the Bad & the Geeky". Who else would pick up those movie lines?

Jake 2.0

Starring: Christopher Gorham, Philip Anthony-Rodrigues, marina Black, Judith Scott, Keegen Connor Tracy
Robo Geek
The Setup: Computer nerd Jake Foley works in tech support for the National Security Agency, but he'd reather be a secret agent. He gets his chance after accidentally absorbing mini computer molecules that transform him into a bionic young man.
The Twist: The NSA, which had previously rejected Jake, mst build an entire Special Ops unit around him.
We Say: Gorham is terrifically appealing as a good guy who can't believe his powers--and who still can't score with ladies.
The Outlook: Scoring ratings will be an even bigger shallenge. This is a tough time period for the network.
Quickie ep guide:
  1. The Tech didn't get to see: UPN off line
  2. Training Day was on week before last... thought his mentor was a bit harsh!
  3. Cater Waiter guess this is where/when Kyle starts to soften up, huh?
  4. Arms & the Girl UPN off line
  5. The Good, the Bad & the Geeky Carly Pope as a computer nerd... right!
  6. Last Man Standing nanite dts.
  7. Jerry 2.0 his kid brother needs his butt kicked.
  8. Middleman
  9. Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot
  10. Spy vs Spy
  11. Prince & the Revolution

    TVGuide Insider

    Cool Casting: Jake & the $6 Million Man

    Two generations of scientifically engineered superheroes collide Wednesday, December 17, when Lee Majors guest-stars on UPN's freshman action series Jake 2.0. The former Six Million Dollar Man plays secret agent Dick Fox, who is lured out of retirement to help Jake (Christopher Gorham) track down a dangerous ex-KGB operative. Apparantly Fox has a history with the enemy agent, which makes him the man for the job. But according to Majors, there might be a deeper reason for his involvement. "The episode leaves you wondering if Fox also had special powers once," he says. "And it leaves the door open for me to return." Right, but the real questions is: Could Jake--who possesses super speed, super strength and a handy telepathic connection to electronic debides--take Steve austin in a fight? "Even if Jake was winning, he'd let Steve win because he would look up to him so much," Gorham claims. Majors disagrees. "I would have to give Jake the edge. Six million dollars doesn't go as far as it used to." --------Ethan Alter

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