Forever Knight

Forever Knight

When I first started watching Highlander (wayyyyy back when) everyone on the mailing list was always talking about a vampire show... Forever Knight. Since I LOVE vampires I thought it would be fascinating and wanted to watch it, but our local CBS affiliate didn't have it.

Wait a couple years and Bingo! it's syndicated. I can watch! About that time Amy and I contacted some truly kind soul who taped the first season eps and the TV movie with (hubba hubba!) Rick Springfield for us. So Amy was a Knightie while I was a Ravenette -- I thought (still do) that Nick was always too whiny and loved Jeanette's style! Man was I mad over what they did to her!

Then they cancelled the show (bummer) and we've had to live on fic and wars and books and other on-line stuff. I'm waiting, most impatiently, for the SciFi channel to air FK at some hour OTHER than 5am or random Thursdays!

If you have any questions or comments you think I could help with!

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