Charmed How wrong can TVGuide be? At the end of 2002 they posted a Jump the Shark list including Charmed:
Charmed Phoebe gets married and pregnant. Prue dies and is replaced by her half-sister, Paige. With Shannen Doherty gone, not even Rose McGowan can maintain the power of three.

How about May 10, 2003
Charmed? We're not so sure: Are Brian Krause's days numbered on WB's Charmed? That's certainly what it'll look like in the final minutes of the show's two-hour season finale on May 11. "No comment," says exec producer Brad Kern. And we all know that that means.

Charmed: Shark bait: Shannen Doherty leaves the show.
Shark Alert: Whenever a featured cast member quits, a show should have its radar on. No other blond could ever replace Suzanne Somers on Three's Company. Cheryl Ladd did a good job when Farrah Fawcett exited Charlie's Angels, but Tanya Roberts and Shelley Hack were anything but stellar. And remember what heppened when Doherty left her Beverly Hills zip code? Facing equally high-profile exits, The X-Files, and NYPD Blue might also need to buya a bigger boat.

They didn't seem to like Prue's untimely death like those of who rooted for her death...
Starts: September 27
Where we left off: Having attempted to thwart the demon Shax, sisters Prue (Shanned Doherty) and Piper (Holly Marie Combs) were left for dead, while Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) was trapped in the Underworld with baddie boyfriend Cole (Julian McMahon).
What's New: After a highly publicized exit, Doherty is Charmed no more. The season begins with Prue's funeral. "God knows everyone gets 'killed' every third or fourth week [on this show]," says executive producer Brad Kern, "but the fact that one of the deaths actually sticks is going to sober the girls."
Who's In: Rose McGowan joins as Paige, who turns out to be the half sister Piper and Phoebe never knew.
Matt says: 90210 was never the same after Brenda. Is this the beginning of the end for this comely coven?

OR How about the 2003 Fall premier: Where We Left Off: Leo (Brian Krause) decided to become an elder, which meant leaving Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and son Wyatt behind.
What's Brewing: Though she's lost her man, executive producer Brad Kern says Piper is "chipper as chipper can be," courtesy of a magial painkiller Leo gave her to soften the blow. Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) discovers a new power, the ability to channel other people's feelings, while Paige (Rose McGowan) embarks on a series of jobs, from dog walking to working at an orange-packing plant.
Magic Act: Smash Mouth performs on the series premiere.
Matt Roush's Take: There's no reason to think this surprisingly durable series will lose its powers of enchantment anytime soon.
And now for the bombshell I've been expecting MUCH MORE ado about...

November 22, 2003m, TVG: Insider: Babies on Board: what happens when stars "get in the family way? Here's how some TV Shows solved the baby problem...

Bewitching It!

Holly Marie Combs


Looks like the Halliwell witches will get an apprentice. But not until February sweeps, when writers plant to magically reveal that Piper, like Combs, is in a delicate condition.

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